Chiropractic Care at Atlantic Coastal Wellness

The second largest of the primary health care professionals, growing rapidly each year.  The examination of your spine and muscle system to evaluate structure and function is what makes the chiropractic approach different than any other health care providers.


Plays a vital role in the maintenance of a positive state of health and the prevention and treatment of disease.  When proper diet and nutrients are supplied to the tissues in the body, they exert powerful influences on the bodies metabolism

Massage Therapy

Many of the therapeutic effects of massage recognized by personal and clinical experience over the years have been supported by scientific research.  In addition to the commonly known benefits or relaxation, improved circulation and relief for muscle tension, new applications for therapeutic massage are surfacing in areas related to mental and emotion well-being. At our location two independent Massage Therapists are available by appointment.


Acupuncture helps correct the body’s energy flow. Imbalances in this energy are experienced as discomfort, disease, and pain. Through the painless use of needles and other gentle techniques, the flow of energy is corrected to alleviate symptoms and promote health and well-being. Our Acupuncturist position is currently open.

Natural Therapy

Natural agents such as heat, ice, aqua therapy and exercise, are some of the drugless measures, which are available to patients in abundant quantities.  When controlled, these elements may exert a beneficial influence on body function.  There are other forms of physiologic therapeutics which involve interferential therapy; ultrasound, traction and dietary management and other natural procedures which are known to have specific physiological influence on the body.


A trigger point (TrP) is a hypersensitive area which may appear in any muscle. TrPs commonly cause referred pain but also may cause weakness, numbness, and restricted range of motion.

Our Staff:

Dr.  Christin Hayes, owner of Atlantic Coastal Wellness, is a licensed Chiropractic physician in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who is Nationally Board Certified.